20 Iconic On-Screen Couples We Adore, And All Without Online Dating

Published on October 9, 2017
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From The Notebook to Titanic to Gilmore Girls and so much more, we’ve been inspired by the most iconic on-screen couples who desperately make us believe in the magic of love. Time and time again, these couples have made us weak in the knees, in no way that online dating ever could. Together, we’ve laughed and cried with each character and their love roller coaster – but it’s been so worth it. To honor these couples and their everlasting love, we decided to put together a list of all our favorite on-screen couples – the ones that people will never forget as they all secretly hold a special place in all our hearts. **Tissues at the ready!**

Jim and Pam – The Office

If you thought that we would start this list with any other couple then you are seriously mistaken. Without a shadow of a doubt, Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly give some unrealistic relationship goals, and actually that’s still true to this day. After years of knowing looks, air high-fives, and witty pranks, we are all team PB&J forever.

Jim And Pam The Office

Jim And Pam – The Office

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