Grow Your Own Indoor Garden While You’re In College

Published on 07/25/2019
Grow Your Own Indoor Garden While Youre At College

Grow Your Own Indoor Garden While Youre At College

Before you get ahead of yourself, raising your own hens and searching for fresh eggs in the morning is not what this piece is about. However, if you’d like to give yourself the easiest project of the year, then this is for you. We’re going to help you grow 5 vegetables in your own dorm room!


Basil is super with salads, great for garnish, and it puts a tremendous twist on tea. If you’d like an endless supply of this herb, then we’ve got you covered. Take one stem of basil and remove the lower leaves of the stalk. Make sure the stem is longer than four inches and place it in a cup of water, keeping the leaves dry. When you notice white roots growing out, you can pop the basil into a pot plant with soil. This herb needs light, but not direct sunlight. Make sure to keep the soil damp.

Green Onions

So many people make the mistake of discarding the scraps once they’re done chopping green onions. What they don’t know is that you could replant these babies and have them on hand for all eternity! All you need to do is keep the ends (the white parts) and place them in about 2 inches of water until you see roots growing and the stems getting taller. Once the roots have made their appearance, place them in soil and keep watering them every day. You’ll notice how fast they grow!

Hot Peppers

Who would believe that you could grow your own hot peppers? You’ll need to save the seeds from the peppers and then put them about half an inch deep into the soil. Keep the soil moist and wait for them to sprout. Hot peppers are really low maintenance so you won’t need to pay them too much attention. Just make sure they have a decent amount of sunlight, after all, they’re supposed to be hot, right?


Similar to green onions, you’ll need to keep the bottom of the lettuce. Place it in a bowl of water, ensuring that the bottom area is covered in clean water. Change the water on a regular basis, keeping it fresh. You’ll notice fresh green leaves sprouting from the middle of the lettuce. When this occurs, take it out of the water and move it into its own pot plant with rich soil. Water the plant daily and make sure it gets sufficient sunlight. Salad anyone?


Yes yes, you either love or hate cilantro. For those of you who love it, you can easily regrow it over and over again. Place some stems in a cup of water and watch them grow! Once they’ve gained a couple of inches, move the stems (with their gorgeous new roots) to fresh soil. Keep these plants in an area that gets sunlight.

College Gardens

College gardens are becoming a thing, so don’t get left behind! Why would you even go out and buy these vegetables when you could plant and regrow them yourself? Talk about organic living! If you liked these ideas, look out for part two and see what else you could grow in your own college dorm room!