DIY College Survival Kit

Published on 07/24/2019

Even if you’re not a freshman, these tips for a DIY college survival kit are key to surviving semester by semester. There is only so much you can prepare for, and you can’t be calling home every five minutes. Ask your family or friends, or make this yourself, for the 10 kits we’ve listed below. Trusts us, they’ll be a total life-saver while you’re busy studying and partying (just kidding, don’t tell your parents we said that).

DIY College Survival Kit

DIY College Survival Kit

Power Strips:

All of your electronic devices will easily hook up with one of these. Typically most dorm rooms come with just one or two wall sockets, and you usually have to split with roommates anyways.

Command Hooks:

Be careful as some of these say they are residue free, but they can sometimes peel paing off.

Bathroom Essentials:

Shower shoes (flip flops), bar of soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors, shaving cream, lotion, deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Hot Pot:

Having one of these in your room means you don’t need to rely on the community kitchen at your college. And if that’s not a bonus, we don’t know what is.

Tide To-Go Pen:

This is a total life-saver! Just in case you spill coffee, coca cola, whatever on your shirt, this is your best friend.

Surviving College

Surviving College

Laundry Essentials Kit:

Small laundry soap, satin stick, roll of quarters, dryer sheets, ironing blaket, portable iron or steamer, and a pop up laundry hamper.

Car Care Kit:

If the student has a car, there are some helpful items to include: Wiper blades, jumper cables, car wash soap, air fresheners, bucket, drying towels, car wax, hand sanitizer, and gas gift cards.

Sleep Helper:

Mattress topper, pillow, sheet set, eye plugs and mask, a soft throw, and some bed lifters (to provide extra under-bed storage).

Basic Sleep Aid:

Band-aids, anti-bacterial cream, tweezers, cotton balls, ear swabs, pain reliever, rubbing alcohol, and wet wipes

Cold Remedy Kit:

Can of chicken noodle soup, box of tea, vitamin C, cup and spoon for that tea, box of tissues, lip balm, throat lozenges, and cough drops.