Winter-Survival Checklist: How To Beat The Winter Blues

Published on July 25, 2019
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Winter Survival Checklist How To Beat The Winter Blues

Winter Survival Checklist How To Beat The Winter Blues

We hate to break it to you, but winter is approaching! Fast! And although we’ve never been so much a fan, and are officially kicking-off our summer countdown, we have to find the silver lining. So, whether you have a mild case of winter blues or fully-fledged Seasonal Affective Disorder, there’s plenty of excuses to look at on the bright side. Think about it. at least you know what to wear…a jacket. And there’s actually plenty of fun-filled festive activities that you can only do during the winter. So, whether you’re looking for some spellbinding outdoor action or excuses hibernate indoors for the rainy season, then whatever the weather, we’ve got you covered!

Festive Season

One of the greatest things to love about winter, is that there’s every excuse to be merry. From Halloween and Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year, there’s a never-ending list of reasons to get dressed up, eat festive food, drink up, celebrate, shop, be merry and spend quality time with your loved ones. During the festive season, you can also spot Santa, see bright festive lights illuminate every street, or get into the festive spirit with an ugly sweater party. You can find a Christmas market, eat plenty of festive food, stock up on soup and drink plenty of mulled wine. You also have the excuse to wear your winter wardrobe, from the comfiest to the most fashionable or glam winter outfits.  So it’s well worth embracing every opportunity to celebrate until Spring.

The Great Outdoors

If you feel the need to venture outside into the great outdoors, then there’s plenty of fun-packed activities you can only do during the winter-time. You can go ice-skating, hit the ski-slopes, go sledding, build a snowman, make a snow-angel or have a snow-ball fight. If there’s no snow yet, you can also book a winter snow vacation in a cabin, but this would take a little planning. If you prefer to stay put, there’s also nothing that can beat crisp cold air of a winter walk in the park. Or if you’re feeling brave, go camping with a bonfire or on a winter picnic. You could also take your pumpkin spiced latte outside with you to keep you warm. Just make sure you remember to wear your best jacket for the occasion.

Cozy Indoor Activities

If like us, you prefer to hibernate until Spring, then there are plenty of excuses to stay indoors by the fire with the heating cranked up to the max. Winter is the perfect time to stay in with your friends and loved ones, and binge-watch your favorite shows from the comfort of your own sofa. You could also try learning a new skill like arts or crafts, reading or write that blog that you’ve been talking about forever.  You could have pizza nights, dinner parties or find every excuse to have games nights or house parties with friends. And since it’s winter, you can also eat more, naturally, because it’s colder. You can also spend more time in Starbucks, and try out the whole menu because it’s cold outside. Actually, come to think of it, winter’s not that bad….