Why High School Sports Benefit Students

Published on 03/23/2020

High School is not always an easy time for many students, the homework is crazy and there’s pressure to excel both socially and academically. We understand that high school may present many challenges but there are so many ways to make it fun and more enjoyable.  Sports is definitely one of those ways! Choose a sport you genuinely enjoy and appreciate. Making friends is just one of the super benefits, here are many more benefits as to why you should participate in a sports activity in high school.

Shutterstock 678108115

Shutterstock 678108115

Health & Fitness

Fitness is probably one of the most important benefits of participating in high school sport. Exercise helps us to burn calories, this helps to reduce the risk of heart disease as well as decreasing our stress levels. You will also feel more energized with an overall desire to be responsible for your physical health. Studies have also suggested that students who take part in sports during high school are less likely to engage in unhealthy or risky behavior.

Time Management

High School demands a lot of our time, doing sport may add some challenges to that but, the benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks. Time management is an excellent skill to have, especially as a young adult. To achieve success in both academics and on the playing field through time management will not only benefit you in high school but also in all your future aspirations.

Leadership skills

Leadership is an invaluable skill to have. Becoming a captain of a sports team teaches students the art of becoming a good leader. Leadership skills can help senior athletes set an example for junior team members, offering advice, mentorship and guidance both on and off the field.

Improved Academics

Numerous studies have concluded that there is a direct link between students who take part in sports activities and their academic achievements and performances. Students tend to study harder and usually have an improved ability to focus. Just another great reason to take up a sport in high school!


By being a team, you are learning social skills, how to cooperate with different people and of course how to be a good team member. Doing sports gives you an opportunity to interact with other people, especially when you are competing against other schools or countries. Communication is so beneficial not only in high school but for future careers and relationships.