5 Tips To Pass Your Driving License Exam

Published on 06/30/2021

Those who pass it hold their driving license in their hands: the practical driving test is the last milestone before learner drivers are allowed to get behind the wheel of their own car. Accordingly, the majority of the learner drivers are excited before the test: We have 6 tips for you so that you can look forward to your driving school final exam without feeling stressed.

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5 Tips To Pass Your Driving License Exam

Pass The Theory Test First

The theoretical driving test is the prerequisite for the practical test. In other words: Without a passed theory test, nobody will be admitted to the practical test. And that’s a good thing: Because of the content and especially video questions, you can familiarize yourself with different scenarios in road traffic in advance. If a similar situation happens to you on the street, you can react more habitually.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Perhaps the most important tip: Only register for the practical exam when you feel really ready for it. For this, some people only need a few and some learner drivers need additional driving lessons in addition to the compulsory lessons. If you are still unsure, you should definitely continue to practice and under no circumstances allow yourself to be rushed to take the exam – the more practice and routine, the calmer you are on the day of the exam.

Before The Driving Test: No Rush

Be on time and relaxed for the driving test. The hectic pace begins even before the exam: In order to be able to start the driving test relaxed, you should definitely be relaxed and on time. Better to be half an hour early than a minute too late!

Take A Deep Breath

Dealing with test anxiety during the practical driving test can affect your driving skills. Anyone who struggles with sweats and tremors in the driver’s license test can hardly concentrate fully on road traffic. And you want to pass and not just somehow “get over” the exam. Therefore, if you have exam anxiety, talk to your teacher. If you are too nervous, you can pause the exam briefly and take a deep breath, so that you can continue driving a bit more relaxed and safer.

Small Mistakes Are Allowed

Nobody gets through the practical driver’s license test completely without mistakes. And nobody expects that from you. It can happen that you stall the engine, accidentally turn on the windshield wipers, or park at an angle: More important than avoiding errors is dealing with them. Don’t let such little mishaps irritate you or upset you. Instead, show commitment to doing it better.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Failing

The practical driving test can be repeated as often as you like. Some myths about the driving test persist – for example: If you fail the test six times, you can not do it again. Or also: after three failed exams, the waiting time until the next attempt is extended to three months. Both regulations were abolished long ago. Instead, the following applies: If you fail the practical test, you have to wait a period of 2 weeks, then you can repeat it as often as you like. Only the period between the theory and practice test is decisive: If there is more than a year in between, the theoretical driving test must also be taken again